I was listening to Alfred Lane's Sostenuto lesson tape in the Original Recordings section. 

He introduces the tape with his "usual tune" and then plays it again to wrap up the recording.  Yet he does not say what it is.

Name That Tune

Does anyone know the title and/or have the music?

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Hello Joel, It doesn't ring a bell with me, but Alf was a big fan of Hunter so it could be one of his, otherwise it might be by Ellis as Alf started playing the banjo when Ellis was still the main man in the UK banjo world.

I don't know a name for the tune but I sure enjoyed spending some time with Alf Lane. At first some of the things he said made no sense to me but I listened again and then I understood what he meant. He's right that Parke Hunter's sostenuto exercises are unplayable unless the index finger direction is reversed from what is written. Unplayable by *me* anyway.

Maybe the Usual Tune was Lane's own composition and the name was "My Usual Tune".

Jody-- you may be 100% correct in that it is "Alfred Lane's Usual Tune"! 

There is not much to it and I am able to play it "by ear" I just like to know random banjo trivia.

I've looked at Hunter's book a few times.  In all honestly, the only thing I actually used was his scales.  I like the way they are ordered and printed.  I have not looked at his tremolo exercises as I have an okay understanding of the technique (enough to get by when I need to-- my hand gets tired if I use it too much).

And for that I am grateful and we are all indebted to you because you also like to share the trivia.  "Trivia" enlivens existence. 

Joel Hooks said:

I just like to know random banjo trivia.

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