It is good to see "Classic Style" at the top of the bill!

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Who is it with the jig doll?

What is meant by "alternative video"?  Is there another version of this video? Or is it being suggested that banjo music is an alternative music to.... some other kind of music? Or an alternative to ....I dunno,,, to  football or to  lawsuits or to mac & cheese? 

John Willis, he died a few years ago. He lived near Barnsley and was a remarkable bloke, interested in all kinds of things, he also made some good banjos.

Russ Chandler said:

Who is it with the jig doll?

It certainly doesn't seem like thirty two years ago. I remember the Reading Banjo Festival very well, it moved about quite a bit over the years, the Reading Town Hall initially, I think, and then a social club belonging to Reading University, eventually, when Julian Vincent moved to Bath the festival went with him to the university there.

I once bought the banjo shaped door handles of the former Piccadilly 'Kentucky Pancake House' at the Reading Festival, they were about a metre long and had been fixed to the glass doors of this esteemed establishment, we hadn't got any doors in our house suitable to accommodate them (according to my wife) so I had to sell them. I played with many different banjo players in various combinations, on the concert and it was a jolly good festival all round, thanks to Julian Vincent who organised it.

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