Here  are some pictures of a rosewood Windsor i own ;  i founded 2 interesting / lovely  docs in the case ; one is an historic of the   banjo ; and also  a manuscrit '  2nd part of  a Polka march " the White coons " composed by Sam Payne .  i checked the Library ;  there are only  the  1st Bj part and the piano part .  So  this manuscrit  ' part is perfect to add to our Library  ;
Don 't know who used to write it ? ?  any  idea ?

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Nice looking banjo Marc,

What model is it?... does parallel apply to the neck??  It is a "Whirle" of some type but I know little about Windsor banjos. I think that the heading in the letter may mean pyxe tailpiece, not pike?

Thank you for the White Coons 2nd. I have added it to the MUSIC LIBRARY as part of the PDF download for the score.

it is an  " ambassador supremus " ; i have see  2 names for these kinds of banjo " parallel necked "  or " five string plectrum "____________ don 't know what is the correct ' one ;  very easy to play & good sound

I can't recall seeing the name Fairrie in the B.M.G. mags of the time. The 2nd part looks like a handwritten copy of the official printed version; before the days of the photocopier it was common to find music copied like this.

The 5 string Plectrum that I have seen in photos has the fifth string nut slot at the top of the neck. The modern luthiers call this a "tunnelled fifth" neck, it goes inside the neck by the nut is at the fifth fret.

I think perhaps "parallel" refers to the two sides of the neck and fingeboard. No indentation between the 5th fret and nut.

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