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Dave, here's the heel

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clear photos of the missing banjo

Note the copper bass string, the red binding around the pot and the inlay "The Cammeyer Vibrante Royal" These are distinctive.

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About Japan concert

Hi Carl !

Yes touring was so interessting, we don't like big towns, we prefer to go to visit country and traditionals spots, Japan is about 60% not occupied, it is deep "sugi" forests (sugi are Cryptomeria, a kind of little sequoia trees), and bamboos everywhere, and mountains in center of this country... we 've visited Japan many times since 1998, i am saling lutes and early instruments to many japanese lute teatchers. I've never sold banjos in Japan. I am also playing koto music, and… Continue

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Stolen Zither...

Hi Jody !

I think it is shamy, because the thief cannot put it on the market, alert is given...i think we're just put an eye on auctions sites time to times, and looking arround on fly markets. !


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My banjo stolen

My Cammeyer Vibrante Royal zither banjo did not make it home after a Secret Life Of Banjos concert in Berkeley, California last night. It was in a brown hard English case, the kind that is straight on one side and round on the other, odd looking. It must have been taken during the packing up of the car outside the venue. The case has a name (now forgotten) and the Canadian address of a former owner hand written on the outside. If anyone sees the banjo or has information please let me know. I am… Continue

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Cannon Jig, J. Morley...

Here's a tune I brought back from the Nashville Gathering. Eli Kaufman played it for me and I actually remembered the title. This is an early Morley piece, probably from when he was still playing fretless. Easy and fun!

Cannon Jig all.pdf

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Nashville Banjo Collector's Gathering...11/4 thru 11/6


I had a ball at the gathering. Got to visit with old friends meet new friends and see (and pick) a helluva lot of great banjos, teach, learn, yak (lots of that!) and generally eat-breathe-sleep collector banjo stuff for two days.

So much fun to hang out with Joel and Carl. Those guys went non-stop the entire time...every time I walked past their room, there was banjo music ringing thru the door. I'm amazed that hotel security didn't put 'em both in chains.…


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New Podcast on

I just posted my new podcast on It is entitled, "Banjo Orchestras: Popular or Classical Culture? I invite you all to listen to it and make comments.

Hal Allert

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