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Happy Birthday...+ Zarh Myron Bickford

I just wanted to thank everybody for the nice e-birthday gifts, etc. I don't usually celebrate such things any more (I get a card from my wife and one from my favorite niece) but it was nice of y'all to think of me!

On another note...I have been buying some sheet music from a peculiar seller on ebay. This seller seems to have a wide variety of unusual Classic Banjo sheets including songbooks and tutors I've never heard of. He keeps saying he's got a large storage unit filled…


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I got it BAS, and that ain't good

(B.A.S. - banjo acquisition syndrome)

Like some other folks on this site (ahem - Rob - ahem) I seem always to be on the lookout for yet another banjo. Bernunzio's site is looked at weekly - more often if I'm especially covetous. I also check out a shop that is relatively local to me called Buffalo Bros ... Recently I went up to their shop to check out 4 different banjos (pics on the BB site): a 1920s Van Eps; a Fairbanks &… Continue

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My Banjo

I reckon' I'll do a little show and tell session. I'm very happy with my banjo. I recently got it off of eBay from a man in Florida who couldn't keep it any longer because he was retiring and going to live in a boat in the Caribean Sea. He said he got it while in The Bahamas from an old friend of his who said he got the banjo from a calypso musician in Nassau by the name Alphonso "Blind Blake" Higgs I assume after or sometime just before he died in 1986. The banjo was missing the 5th string… Continue

Added by Tyler Cornett on March 5, 2010 at 13:30 — 2 Comments

Hello banjophiles!

I'm Tyler and I'm a banjo frailer. Clawhammer has been my one and only style for about a year and a half and I do love it dearly, but anything old-time appeals to me so I find myself here trying to learn this beautiful classic finger style of banjo playing. I've only been at it a day so far and the very limited bluegrass picking knowledge I have from when I got my first banjo in 2008 is helping a little bit. The video I posted is of the first Emile Grimshaw exercise and it is by no means… Continue

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Bill Evans playing a banjola

Here's a link to Bill Evans playing Frank Converse's arrangement (with variations) of Home Sweet Home ...

I've watched it about 6 times now ...

I believe the kids today would say he "shreds!" :)

Added by Adam on March 4, 2010 at 6:35 — No Comments

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