[Yokohama Banjo Festival2020]

Now live streaming!!

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we decided to have a live show with no audience at this year's Yokohama Banjo Festival.

We think that this is an opportunity to introduce the wonderful Banjo players of Japan to people all over the world, and we would like to take this opportunity to show off to the many people.

Yokohama Banjo Festival 2020

[streaming time] Now!!

Saturday, June 27 19:00 ~ (Available until 23:00 on July 4th)


Satoshi Hara (5string Banjo)

Yoshihiro Arita (5string Banjo) with Takuto Yamada (Fiddle)

Ken Aoki (4string Banjo)

Fox's Thompson

  (Rie Koyama xylophone, Takumi Kodera 5string Banjo, Akihide Teshima woodbass, Tomohito Yoshijima drums)

[Distribution channel URL]

The THUMBS UP Youtube channel is also available for free distribution and viewing.

Delivered here!!



You can watch it for free.

(Reception period 2020/6/20 (Sat) 12:00 to 2020/7/4 (Sat) 23:00)

[Contact] Yokohama Banjo Fest.


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That was great fun! Thank you!

I have seen Ken Aoki before...a great banjoist.

All of the players were excellent and I really enjoyed the diversity among the tunes and styles.

Really excellent! I added the Youtube video player for you.

Thank you for posting this Satoshi.

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