Yet another "New" Fred Van Eps recording. Whispering (1920)

Well it never ceases to amaze me that  "New" Fred Van Eps recordings keep turning up! 

This recording comes from 1920

Maybe it is just me who has never heard it before, and also not heard of the "Van Eps Speciality Four" either !!

Whispering was a popular song at the time and is still played today.

Mr Van Eps was a busy man !!


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According to "The Banjo On Record"  the group consisted of Nathan Glantz (alto sax), Frank Banta (piano), George Hamilton Green (xylophone) and of course Fred Van Eps (banjo).  Van Eps Specialty Four was the name they used when recording for Emerson records. They recorded as the Van Eps Quartet for labels other than Emerson.  Without the xylophone they were The Van Eps-Banta Trio and The Van Eps Trio.  

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