Hi all,

I'm not very active on this forum, yet... :-) but I'm hoping to be able to post a few tunes in the near future.

Anyway, there's an auction on eBay and I'm wondering if anyboby knows who the maker is? And also if someone is bidding/planning to bid on it. Wouldn't want to be stepping on anyones toes...

Here's the link:

Antique vintage banjo on ebay

Thanks a bunch!



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I don't know who the maker is and I will not be bidding on it,  The fingerboard looks seriously pitted. With such deep divots or mini-craters it might not play easily.  The tailpiece is askew and looks to be not properly fitted.  But if the price is not much higher than it is now it could be fun to clean up this banjo and make it viable. 

Thanks for your reply.

The fingerboard looking the way it does could be a good or a bad sign. Bad quality wood = bad sign, played so much because it just sounds so great = good sign :-)

I probably wont be bidding on this either, the shipping to Germany is 80 pounds...

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