Is this a Frankenbanjo, a real CE. 11" guitar banjo or something I have not seen before?

It could be 100% original and could be a bargain for a wood hoop special.

  Ebay Link:             CE SPECIAL 6 string

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I was just about to ask the same question. It appears to be set up as a guitar. The mismatch of woods between the pot and neck suggests an assemblage of random parts. The perch pole seems to be yet another kind of wood. The inlay at the first fret does not suggest Clifford Essex. 

Hi Ian,

The inlay at the first fret looks like Cammeyer.....

It does rather look a bit "Frankenbanjo" I must admit

Perchpole looks OK - but what is it from?


Hi Tom,

I think that it has a pot and perch pole off a CE Wood Hoop Special and a neck from a..??????

I love my wood hoop special..I wonder why that one got butchered?

I agree - the hoop and perchpole certainly look OK - but the neck?  Could be off a Cammeyer.........

But then again it could be off quite a few others too.  Will probably remain a mystery.  Tom

Frankenbanjo ..;?    ?  ,  means  hybrid  ?

Yes Marc, mixture of  frankenstein and banjo.............

It has been sold for £320



Thanks  Tom , i do not think it is  , i think the banjo may be original because of the similitude of the head ' inlay with this photo , which is a head of a 4 strings ' CE banjolin .

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