I just got a copy of no.3 three in this series and have added it to the internet archive.


I have previously bought and scanned nos. 2 & 4 here...



If anyone has no. 1 we could complete the series. 

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I wish Jacobs had unitized his naming conventions. "Grand Orchestra", "Grand Mandolin and Banjo Orchestra", "Banjo Collection"...

I haven't looked to see if there are crossover pieces.

Thanks, Joel. Maybe one day we'll find Grand Orchestra #1 or Mandolin and Banjo #1 & 2 (we have #3 and all of the Banjo Collection). 

All but the later banjo collection were just a piece of a bigger overall work.  Walter Jacobs was good about publishing parts for many instruments and for most of them you could mix and match instruments as they all went together. 

The "Easy Banjo Mandolin and Banjo Orchestra Folio" was for mandolin orchestra with parts offered for some other instruments. The pieces are all easy to play or Grade A. 

The "Grand Orchestra Folio of this discussion was offered for popular orchestra parts and also banjo and guitar solo.  Again, it was a mix and match situation but we are just focused on the banjo solo part of the puzzle. 

The "Banjo Collection" was an effort to put out a collection in of banjo music in C notation.  This collection was banjo specific though many of the titles were offered for other instruments as above.  All of the titles were offered in sheet music form.

The Banjo Collection also included a number of titles from the Gatcomb catalog which Walter Jacobs bought in 1911 (if I remember correctly).  Each issue had a formula but I would have to go back and find the article to say exactly what that was.  It was something like the first piece was a best seller, followed by pieces arranged by grade of difficulty.  

Really the only series of folios that were specific to banjo was the Banjo Collection, and that was an attempt to get some steam behind C notation. 

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