Vintage Ernest Shackleton 1914 Banjo on EBAY UK ?????????

Ebay link:


Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914 Banjo

Original Antarctic Banjo and Case, limited edition made for the celebration of Sir Ernest Shackleton's expedition to the Antartic in 1914 he would play his banjo to keep up moral.
This beautiful Banjo from 1914 belonged to my Grandad and is in very good condition still in original case with brochure and stringed.
The auctioneer has said he has not seen another banjo like this and is very unique.

£4,495 for an old zither banjo????????????????

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.... and Lower:

Hopefully, soon the postage will be more than the banjo ;-)

...and lower

Actually, I did report this one to Ebay - this has backfired as now I am getting 'PRICE LOWERED - be quick!' emails whenever the price is lowered!  Not - quite - tempted.  

That is funny, Carrie ;-) 

This is what we get for sticking our noses in !!


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