I've been experimenting with xferring old "TablEdit" files to "Musescore" and the conversion, while imperfect, is much better than having to totally re-key them. Really, all I have to do is re-finger them properly and 'pretty them up' a bit. Also gives me a second look...maybe catch some mistakes, etc.

The plan is to convert everything over (eventually...2 down, ~500 to go) as Musescore simply provides a better looking score (in both tab and dots) and much better sounding mp3 files.

Thomas Armstrong typically wrote good stuff. I've always liked his "Woodland Echoes" (which I'll post here soon enough).

Anyway, these two are already dots in the library and they took about 30min each to convert and clean up.

First up: "Royal Rag".

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Next up: "Kalamazoo Kapers"



Ooops. Wrong sort of mp3 files...

Try these.


Heck, I might as well toss in "Woodland Echoes" while I'm at it. 28 minutes...

Here are the dots...



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