Tutor for the Banjo Selected Arranged and Composed by Otto Langey

Hi Classic Banjo Friends,

I got a "new" A notation "Tutor" recently and was able to scan it this weekend to share with the world.


This is one that I have not seen before. It is completely different than the Langey-Fischer Tutor (issued in various formats and titles into the 1950s-- that one, BTW, is one of my favorite "reading" books in A notation, I wish that there had been similar books issued in C notation).

This one, from 1891, includes both fingerstyle and stroke style instruction.  I have not had a chance to read through carefully it but I think I see instruction for alternate fingering.  1891 is pretty early for that to show up in a book.

As a nice bonus there is a section of the music that was composed/arranged by Frank B. Converse.

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As always, this was published before 1-1-1923 so it is in the Public Domain. You own it so feel free to share, post, change, print, or sell digital copies on etsy to suckers who don't know how to use Google.

Thank you Joel,

I have added the Langley Tutor to the TUTOR BOOKS page for everyone.

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