Turner’s Banjo Budget Complete Catalog/ Catalogue with Numbers?

Does anyone have a Turner’s Catalogue listing all of the pieces by number that they would be willing to share a scan of?  I have a small stack of orphan pages that I would like to put with their proper piece.

long story, but the ABF was donated several boxes of music that was all mixed and shuffled up, and by mixed I mean that there was pretty much no single title together but rather shuffled in with all the other pages.  Over several months I have sorted most of it out with a banjo in my lap and trying to recognize the untitled pages which worked okay to a certain degree.

Thanks, Joel

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Thanks Richard!  This is extremely helpful!!! 

Good, there are gaps in this list presumably as some solos sold out they weren't republished. The gaps can probably be filled in from the covers of the solos which had a short list on each one. I may be able to fill in some gaps if you cannot find something in particular.

Joel Hooks said:

Thanks Richard!  This is extremely helpful!!! 

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