Can anyone help me identify this tune that was played by Bill Ball? Thanks.

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Hi Rainier..long time no see!

I believe that this is Twilight Caprice from Bill's CD   "Just William".  It was a Bill Ball composition too!

TWILIGHT CAPRICE by played and composed by William J Ball

I have attached the banjo score as a PDF for you.


Thank you so much Ian! That’s a beautiful tune indeed—and it looks like a rather challenging score. What a musical genius Bill Ball was. 

BTW, I am attaching the piano part if this can be of any use to you.


Thanks Rainier,  I will add the score to the MUSIC LIBRARY

A demanding piece which is well worth the effort of dealing with five flats, a key signature which, in the banjo world, I have come across only once before, in the the very sultry and atmospheric Spanish march, En El Camino' by Frank Lawes. We used to call on Bill Ball at his home in Bristol many years ago, when my wife,Bernadette were down that way. Bill was always immaculately dressed and would offer us a glass of Sherry which we would drink whilst he played something for us on the banjo or the piano. Bill was a man of many talents and he set himself high standards in all that he did. I have an interesting collection of his beautifully written letters, our correspondence commenced when I wrote to him about one of his early recordings and continued until his death. He was definitely one of, if not the best banjo player in the Classic style, i have ever heard.

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