I have just heard on our News broadcasts about the terrible Alabama storms.

I am sure we all send our best wishes to those involved. Let's hope that Marc S and family have not been affected.



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I second that.

Hi y'all!


Just got power and phone service at midnight here. We're fine, the nearest tornadoes were about 10 miles NE of us...but they hit the largest concentration of power lines in the area, knocking out power for est. 1M people in north Alabama. We've been without power/phone since that night...


Y'all have probably seen more of the devastation than I have. Just turned on the TV this morning and it is all over the news. I was here in '74 during the last "largest ever" storm system came thru and this is certainly worse. The good thing is that they're having to turn volunteers away. People are reaching out from all over to help.


On the plus side, I've been playing the banjo a lot! With no power in the neighborhood and everyone staying home (no power, no pumping gas for cars), I've met neighbors I've never seen before. I've been setting up on my front porch every evening and serenading the neighborhood...some folks actually seem to like it! ;-)



Glad to hear you're OK!
Hi Marc, Glad to hear you are still with us. 

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