hello everyone i wanted to know if we could find some tightening keys for an old Alfred Weaver the bolts being square with I think an English size? thank you in advance friends :)

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If you are handy with a drill and file, it is possible to make one as I did some years ago. Take a 4cm lenth of 1cm diameter brass bar, drill a 5mm hole into one end and then square it off using a small square section file. It's a bit fiddly so you have to use a bit of trial and error until you get it to the correct size. Then drill a small hole across the other end and insert a short piece of steel or brass rod to make a Tommy-bar. You should be able to buy the brass and steel from Ebay...Steve.

Thank you very much Steve :)

I assume that you mean to tighten the tension nuts?

I don't like to use a "tubular key" as the outside of the key can scratch the plating on the metal hoop. Why not use an "Imperial gauge 5/16" AF open ended spanner" ?  ( AF means the distance across the flats of the nut.)   I always use one to tension my Weaver.

They are generally available in the UK  eg Ebay:

5/16 inch open ended spanner

Have you looked at drum tension wrenches? They are usually square... Also, piano tuning wrenches...

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