Are there any arrangements on this site for 3 regular banjos? 

Asking for a friend.  Ha. 

Actually doing a classical session with two other 5-string banjo players and looking for more material.



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Hi Jake,

If you go to the MUSIC LIBRARY and click on "More Options" and then tick the "Multipart Scores" box

the search will bring up quite a few scores, many are arrangements by the late Hal Allert for his banjo orchestra.

I hope that this helps!

Ian, I checked all the multi part arrangements and could not find any "classical" music. ;-)

You are right Joel  ;-)

There is a load of Classic stuff though ... maybe that will do ?

This was a fun search that indirectly led me to arrange an Ernesto Nazareth piece on my own.  Also not classical, and not classic either.  But gorgeous nonetheless. 

You have done a banjo arrangement for this?  Cool!

Not quite done. A few more dozens of hours.  

Tell me about it !    I have spent weeks transcribing a Fred Van Eps Orchestra recording and I am still working on it and I still can't play it!

Good luck

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