Thanks for accepting me, I am new to classic banjo, though I have listened o it for many years. I recently aquired a Windsor Popular in a very sorry state and set about restoring it. I am an Irish tenor banjo player as a rule, but getting hold of this historical 5 string has given me a chance to learn another style I love "Classic Style" When I came across this site via You Tube and "thereallyniceman" lessons on there I could not believe my luck. So here goes. I am starting off with The Sunflowerdance.   

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The first picture is of the three instruments that I was given the one on the right is the Windsor. The second picture is of the Windsor after restoration.

I have not been on the site much of late, but I am still working hard on the excercises and on Sunflower Dance, with  which I have the main verse of the tune fluent and the middle eight is slowly coming together, but the trio part I am finding a bit more tricky. I will post a video once I am reasonably happy with it.

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