Something is not working right with Ning....again. There used to be a menu when adding a discussion. And there was a set of symbols to help upload different sorts of files. I am trying to upload a test banjo photo.
Can anyone see it? the Preview function is also not working.

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Hi Jody, I can't see any "Test Banjo" upload from you but uploading seems to work correctly from here on a Mac running Sonoma 14.5

I'm using Sonoma 14.5 as well. I see you've got the menu above the attached photo. It doesn't appear when I try to add a message.
I'll email you a screenshot of what I see.
My email to you at the b-pool bells address has bounced back as undeliverable. Can you please send me a short email? I will try to reply to it and attach the screenshot. thanks!
BTW, it's not a Safari issue. It's the same situation using Firefox as a browser. And restarting my computer didn't fix it either.

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