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Hmmm this has been round the houses a bit - first offer declined in November last year. Actually this is the first unfretted Alfie I've seen. 12 3/8 head.....getting near to Chris. 
I offered £240.00 for this a long time ago and was turned down. I think my offer was generous bearing in mind that it might have a warped neck, hidden cracks etc. For me, it would need fretting, and a new vellum, and generally getting into playing order, which might cost another £200.00 at least, so without seeing it in the flesh, that was as far as I wanted to go. I will not be making any bids this time.

If I knew more about it, I'd be interested. The single picture and limited description doesn't exactly make me want to jump up and throw a bid on it. Besides, I'd have to have it shipped to one of y'all and then reshipped. Probably cost another hundred bucks to get it here.


I would like to have a decent fretless (again). I'm still kicking myself for selling off my Luscombe.

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