There's this auction on eBay:

Savana on eBay

I thought Savana banjos were more or less a low quality brand. This one looks somewhat fancy. Or is it just the rounded shoulders and "Windsor look-alike" that blinds my eyes? There are somethings that give me the feeling that it's not a high end instrument but I can't put my finger on it. (apart from the bridge...) It's hard to tell from pictures.


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It looks to me like some Abbott zb-s I have played and/or owned. Nice banjos with good sound. But yeah!,....what's with the metal bridge and the peculiar tailpiece?

Well, the bridge was probably added later. The bridge probably got lost and the person just took something close at hand that would raise the strings. Like so many of these "home improvement" thingies... I'm not even sure it's metal. Could be some plastic tubing.

And I actually mixed up the Savana with the Savannah brand of banjos...

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