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I am in a bit of predicament here and need some kind advice please. After fitting a high quality Stern Tanning Co. thin calfskin head to my 1890s Morrison pot, 24 hours later upon inspection, it looks as if rust spots have appeared along the outer edge of the head where the steel tone ring sits beneath the head. I didn't notice any plating on the ring when disassembled, who knows after 120 years whether it did or not, either way, I cleaned it and polished it very well, there was no rust on it when I was finished. I truly hope this head has not been ruined. Is there anyway to correct this without compromising the integrity of the head? I appreciate any/all recommendations. 

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I don't think the rust is going to hurt the tone or cause damage. 

When the head is tightened down they may move down inside the tension hoop and be invisible!

Another thought. I don't know about Morrison's, but did not old iron flesh hoops have a shellac coating and then were wrapped in a thin strip of cotton spiral wound round them? .. or maybe that was on old UK banjos where I have seen it?

Thanks guys, good to know. Ian, thats the first I've heard of a flesh hoop being covered in shellac and cotton, sounds like a good idea however. I don't think the flesh hoop on this Morrison is the issue, it is brass. It's the hollow steel tone ring or hoop that sits atop ball bearings on top of the pot. Hopefully like you said, when tightened up, they won't be visible any longer. Another friend of mine suggested lemon juice to cleanse the rust, hopefully a little of that will do the job.

Ah yes.. the flesh hoop is lower down!!!  Silly me!  Let's hope that it does pull down.

I think that adding anything that has "more" water in it will simply make matters worse with the rust!  Maybe the steel tone ring should be coated with something? I can't see rust marks being acceptable when the banjo was new! I said that I am not familiar with the Morrison banjos so it is all guess work on my part!

Good luck

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