I can't see how to place the Soundcloud app directly into this post, so here are links to various SoundCloud free banjo-related files:

Bradbury Method, 37 pieces played with an Eric Stefanelli tuba phone banjo: https://soundcloud.com/robmackillop/sets/sound-files-for-mel-bays-b...

Albert Baur's Banjoists Budget, all 50 pieces, recorded last week with a Temlett banjo: 


Recital: The Art of the Banjo 1910-1930 - mainly plectrum banjo and tenor banjo, with some fingerstyle as well: https://soundcloud.com/robmackillop/sets/recital-the-art-of-the-banjo - this was a real album I released, but which only sold 50 copies in 8 years. Might as well give it away free.

19th-century Irish-American Banjo Music on a 5-string gut-strung early Fairbanks copy, with a Dobson tone ring: https://soundcloud.com/robmackillop/sets/19th-century-irish-america... Mel Bay put a 4-string banjo on the cover, with the result that 5-string players don't think it's for them. 

There's also my "Early American Classics for Banjo" book with download files from the Mel Bay site - includes music by Buckley, Baur, and Converse. The book contains an essay on the development of fingerstyle banjo in the 19th century. 

Comments welcome after listening :-) Don't worry, you don't have to listen to them all :-) The books are worth getting too :-)

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The Baur recordings seem to be missing from the soundcloud page.

Hmmm...I can see and hear them. Anyone else?

I can access all the others. The Baur page has a message at bottom:  "This playlist has no tracks".  

Rob MacKillop said:

Hmmm...I can see and hear them. Anyone else?

Later today I'll delete the Baur from SoundCloud, then upload them again. 

I've changed the Baur. Someone please let me know if it works - just click on the link, then click the big arrow if you see one. 

I can access the Baur recordings. 

Rob MacKillop said:

I've changed the Baur. Someone please let me know if it works - just click on the link, then click the big arrow if you see one. 

Thanks, Michael.

Yes! It's there now. Thanks for this. I've always liked this book.

I've been listening. Fine quality recordings, clean and exemplary playing, and a valuable contribution to banjo history. I do hope the members here will give this a listen. 

Thanks, Michael. Appreciated. 

Jody - the Baur publication is very interesting. Some weird and wonderful pieces in there. It was a real education working through it, as he tapped into a lot of different cultural practices. I found on my hard drive a tabbed version with treble clef as well which I did in 2011. Mel Bay will be bringing that out soon, hence the need to record the sound files. I loved doing it. 

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