Return Of The Regiment...(and Bagpipe Reel for lagniappe)

Well, as I cannot find a spot to hang this one, here's a forum post with the .pdf file attached. Isn't there somewhere on this site where we can post files like this...I mean, apart from adding a new posting?

BTW, I sort of followed Jody's recommendations...I think. Basically, I fingered this according to the original notation except for the bass line in the third part, which I mostly moved to the 4th string (and finding the chords in 'comfortable' positions. Seems to work for a slow walk thru. No idea if it works for anyone else.

If anyone finds errors or wishes it were somehow changed, let me know. Now that it is keyed in, I can have issues sorted out quickly.

Oh, and here's a copy of "Bagpipe Reel" for Carl (and anyone else who wants the TAB).

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Whoops, forgot to thank you for this, Marc. Thank you. I like these simple fingerstyle pieces. They are perfect for the fretless, late night around the campfire.

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