Today is my last day at work! Technically, Friday is my last paid day but I had 4 days of excess "use or lose" so I'm burning it.

We had planned on Dec 31 but the housing market in my area is so crazy good that our realtor recommended we put it on the market ASAP. I had to retire early so I can deal with all the 'getting ready' stuff that goes with selling a house.

We're moving 500mi East (to the Myrtle Beach, SC area) where we have a vacation/retirement home. As soon as we have a contract on the home here, I will be taking the dog and the cat and moving there...Miz Diane will get an apartment here...she won't retire until Dec 31.

All the banjos and guitars and whatever are moving to SC in a few weeks. After I have the delicate stuff moved, I'll call in a moving company for the rest.

It is going to be crazy around here for a while. I probably won't get to play anything for several months...but I'm looking forward to the 2020 (and on) rally season...possibly including a UK visit if we can swing it. 

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Congrats Mark! I hope you can make it to one of the upcoming rallies- it'd be great to meet you in person. 

I'm hoping to make the Spring ABF rally.

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