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What I meant was that the question marks themselves seemed out of place. there was no problem with what preceded them. "Show All" is perfectly appropriate. "Show All?" (the same words followed by a question mark) is odd because it seems to be asking something where it should be offering something. And it seems to be introducing an element of doubt.  Let's say you're on your  lunch break and go to a restaurant and the items are followed by question marks. Instead of "coffee" it says "coffee?". The customer wonders if this is a warning. Maybe it isn't really coffee.  But this is all small stuff. I'm not complaining about the anomalies, I'm enjoying them.

thereallyniceman said:

If I knew what that meant Marc I would be certain to politely agree.

Jody ...Why the question marks????  I thought I was the pedantic one  ;-)

 Perhaps it should be :     'See More ?     ie.   Y'all wanna see more ?

I have a whole keyboard full of dots, dashes exclamation marks here..  so I may as well use them !!

As for my son who programmed and constructed the database, the keyboard he uses is like this:

...so you should think yourselves lucky that my keyboard has writing on it or you would definitely see a larger percentage of punctionational quota!

Jody, regarding gradings. I don't have enough time to photo-edit, compile, enter etc all the scores as well as play them. I have only made a guess at the complexity of scores, as you say, based on the dot density  ;-)

If you would like to work through the scores and send me a list I will be delighted to re-adust grade levels as per your suggestions.


Trapdoor2 said:

All the choices are in the form of questions? Probably because the Brits are preternaturally polite? Perhaps Ian is attempting to use a larger percentage of his punctionational quota? I don't know?

Hey Mike,

You are completely correct. Difficult seems a deterrent,  Advanced seems a challenge, so as from this minute...

 Advanced it is   ;-)

Michael Neverisky said:

I agree - this is a helpful feature, thanks Ian!

Regarding the classifications, I suggest replacing the word "difficult" with "advanced" so we have Easy, Intermediate and Advanced.  Or maybe "Challenging".   Ragtime Episode, for example, causes no hardship... but is does require moe methodical attention to technical details (fingering, timing) to render music from the score than, say, Sunflower Dance.

My $.02

One suggestion for the “Sheet Music Library” is to have a Date field containing the date the entry was added to or changed within the database.
This would be useful when accessing the database to see what is new since the last time one checked the database.
In the “Main / Latest Activity” section, if a member misses a post that mentions a new entry was added or changed, then he might never find out about it unless he just happens to specifically look that title up.
Ideally the “Sheet Music Library / More Options” section could contain both “Show All By Title” and “Show All By Date”.

As the database continues to grow a “Show All By Date” capability would enhance browsing by showing what is new since the last time one browsed, whether that be several days, a week or more.
Hopefully a “Show All By Date” is not beyond the limitations of the Ning software and would not be an overwhelming task for the database programmer.

The “Sheet Music Library” is a milestone within the Classic Banjo community and thanks to the database creators and the sheet music contributors.

Good suggestion Howard. I will put it to my web developer. Currently the database is being loaded so many new scores will appear daily, as time progresses and the number of scores available becomes fewer it may be that a "Latest" button would be good. Currently I think it may be confusing. 

Thanks for all the suggestions and scores.  Please keep the offers coming. You can contact me by the email link on the Music Library page.


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