I dont't know what's going on in Germany at the moment. Zitherbanjos popping up all the time. Most probably everybody knows that because of corona, I'm out of money (all gigs cancelled) so I can't really afford to buy any banjos at the moment and they just post them to tease me... :-)

Anyway, here's a Essex Cammeyer Grade 2 for sale. If that number on the headstock is some equivalent to a serial number, it could be a really early one, right?

Essex Cammeyer Grade 2

between that one, and the one I posted a while ago, which you think would be the best one?

Barnes&Mullins Zb

Maybe I would be able to buy one of them...would be a pity to miss out on an oppertunity! :-)

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I think eventually something better than either one of these will become available in the same price range.  

Good point, Jody. Probably better to save up and wait for a Vibrante up for sale....

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