I am really enjoying reading the old BMG's.  Apparently the staff of BMG were very impressed with this 'ingenious device' and bought a stockpile to sell to readers for a shilling each (BMG 1918 05) - anyone ever seen one?

'Doubtless many readers, when smoking a cigarette and playing their instruments at the same time, have experienced one of the following annoyances: either, having to stop playing every now and then to lay a cigarette down in the ash-tray, or else having to keep it in the mouth continuously with the almost certain result of making the eyes water from the smoke...' 

Gosh, this brings back memories of the 20th century. Anyway, the ingenious device is:

'a small holder neat of construction of plated metal which, while firmly gripping the cigarette, fits by means of a ring on to any finger of the left hand without impeding the work of the fingers...' 

Now, you can smoke and play at the same time.  Just be careful when turning the pages...

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Well, I smoke pipe so I can do that without any problems anyway :-)

How very 19th Century! :)

Haha! Good one.

Although most of the pipes of the 19th Century wouldn't have been very practical for clenching between your teeth...

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