I ran across this listing the other day...


It looked off, like it was thicker and shorter than the originals.

So (after some difficulty finding it) I went to the New Clifford Essex website and found the listings for their new armrests. 


I suppose one could thin it out if the screws are not too long.  Has anyone seen one in person?  The photos are not the best.

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Well that is odd. The current Ebay price is substantially lower than the website price.  By the way, why would a slightly thicker armrest be a problem?

Aesthetics.  Thicker looks clumsy but actually might work better.  It would be nice to see it conform to the original dims.

I'm going to take a guess here and say that the Ebay listing (which is an auction and started with a Buy it now matching the website) is testing the waters. 

Their website is not secure so it won't come up on searches and is basically invisible unless you know how to find it.  

As far as the prince, it seems reasonable to me.  I'd ask at least $50 US to make something like this if I had the skills/tooling to make the metal parts.  I might buy one just to try it out. 

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