Marc Smith recently "won" two books on ebay that I went and picked up.

For better or worse, they are scanned and available to all.

First up is a Bacon tutor from 1911.  This is basically an A notation version of his later Paramount books.  While there are some differences, the similarities are prevalent throughout.

Up next is "Huntley's Complete School of Harmony" and it is certainly complete.  This is also in A notation.  Interesting to me was that it is published using the same typeface as some SSS publications from the same time.  Perhaps the same engraver made the plates for this book?

Since I had the old scanner fired up, I decided to chip away at the top of the scan pile.  Most interesting is this edition of "Dallas' Modern School for the Banjo," 1908, which is quite a bit different from the early Ellis version.  This one is much more complete and even has early plectrum info.

Second from my stack is "Chords for the Banjo C Notation" by William Foden, this is a good reference book and I am happy to have been able to share it with the world.  This one will even be handy for "folk" and "bluegrass" styles.

Since you "can't have enough bacon"-- here is yet another edition of the "Paramount Method" by Fred Bacon.  This time he has shoved in some easy duets, but he rest of the book remains unchanged.

Standard rules apply... share, post, print, sell to suckers on etsy/eBay, add to the Ning site, etc..

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Woo hoo! Thank you Joel! I've been wanting to see what the Huntley harmony book is about.

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