I expect that many of you (I might hope all of you) will have had a look at the "works of Joe Morley" elsewhere on this site.  This effort is now drawing to its conclusion, after banjo cases, piano stools and the linings of long forgotten wedding trousseaux have been searched thoroughly for those hard to find pieces.  Many thanks to all of you have have helped in this matter.

However, there are some which are still in the Most Wanted list:

Sandown Schottische

Pastime Schottische

Rayon d'Or Polka

Golden Shadows

There are also several others which appear as titles on John Alvey Turner's list, but which are not known to have made it beyond this.  If you know any different:


Rustic Belle

Ambrosia Waltz

Electra Polka

Lady Vanity

Merry Minstrel's Two step



Also, if you have any hitherto unknown unpublished Morley mss, (of which there are quite a few), please let me know about these as well.

Meanwhile, in all those spare moments, get out your copy of Mountaineer's March.  That will keep you out of mischief for quite some time....

Thank you,  Anthony

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I looked at my meager collection of Morley scores and, alas, came up wanting.I am sorry I cannot contribute to your monumental effort at this time.

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