well what with one thing and another keeping me occupied during these last peculiar weeks I have finally got around to cracking open the Frank Bradbury book recommended by some of the good folks here, on the outside it looks innocuous enough "Mel Bays Banjo Method" believe me when I tell you, I am a total novice, a complete dimwit and, a bit of a scaredy cat to boot ! However nothing ventured etc so, I am going to try to give up any free time I can muster to this new adventure, I have three grandchildren who live with me, all under ten so, their welfare and amusement must come first, no fun having them climbing walls with boredom, perhaps an hour a day to begin may suffice. time will tell ! Anyway that is my plan to while away the idle hours.

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I have been playing something nearly every day...alternating between Classic, Clawhammer and Stroke styles (I played Irish tunes on the mandola and tenor banjo last month). I should pick a Classic piece to get down "pat" but I'm having too much fun just wandering around.

No kids here but many projects to keep me busy. Lots of stuff I should do...

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