Hello everyone, I desperately looking banjo 2 "Kansas jig" Herbert Ellis j. thank you in advance.

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Hi Anthony,

I have attached  2nd banjo part for you.


ohhh thank you very much Ian :) :)

Thanks!  This is one I've not really looked at close.  John Cohen asked if I played it at the last ABF rally. I had put it on my list (I try to learn stuff that people play) and was going to search out a 2nd for it.

Low and behold it shows up here!  Thanks Ian!!!

Just curious though, is there a better resolution of it?

I have added a slightly better cleaned up score, with piano part, to the MUSIC LIBRARY.

Unfortunately the quality is not perfect as the files originated as low-res .jpg files that are difficult to improve (silk purse out of a sow's ear problem!!)

I hope these are better for you Joel

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