Can anyone give me any more info on this banjo please?

I can only guesstimate it’s age and have no idea what model it is or it’s worth..
it looks to be all original with Grover tuners,5th string tuner also seems to be original,although,not geared..I have also read that Abbott used Clifford Essex hardware on his banjos,and to be honest,it was the scalloped tension hoop that initially caught my eye,and for £40 I had to have it..I have spruced it up a bit and I think it looks lovely,it also sounds really nice too..any info this will be greatly appreciated..



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Looks like a 'Mirabile', very good banjos indeed, if you got this for £40.00 you've done very well.

I had a similar banjo, marked Barnes & Mullins. I paid a lot more than £40 and it was a great banjo. I sold it to a student who needed a great banjo.

Thanks for the reply gents and for the name of the model..This banjo won’t be getting sold and purely out of curiosity,what sort of price is one worth? I’ve had people ask me what it’s worth and I have no idea

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