HELP NEEDED. Anyone know anything about D. J. LLewellyn ?

I am trying to find any information on banjoist DJ (“Jack”) Llewellyn and his son.

Jack Llewellyn Senior played with Bertini's Band at the Tower Ballroom here in Blackpool and also had a teaching studio on the road where I live!  He later moved to the Aigburth area of Liverpool, UK.

This a good read and he has some insights into Zither banjo playing, and the  "RIGHT" way to play fingerstyle (I agree with him!). I believe that this article is an interview with Clifford Essex in London done for the BMG March 1913.

His son, is also called Jack Llewellyn and features in BMG at various times and wrote a series of articles that appeared, spasmodically, between Oct 37 and Feb 39.

Any information at all will be greatly appreciated.

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Very interesting indeed, Ian. Thanks for posting!

Luckily I am able to keep my nails (fingers crossed!).

I was approached a while ago by a member of the family trying to unravel the various Llewellyns as the threads get crossed easily.

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