I have always loved Gypsy Love by Bernard Scheaff and had arranged it for 3 banjos some time ago. But after we recorded Dengoso by Nazareth I wondered what it would sound like with Gypsy Love. Both were tangos, though technically Dengoso is a maxixe. So I took the 1st banjo part from Gypsy Love and replaced its 2nd banjo and cello banjo part with the rhythm from Dengoso. This may be the first remix of a classic banjo piece ever attempted in the known universe, I humbly suggest. Listen to both versions and tell me which you like best.

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I do love tangos...we're playing the classic "La Paloma" this semester in my Adult Strings shtick, where I am principle (and only) violist.

I think the remixed rhythm sounds pretty good...though GL sounds really good in the original. Might be best with a mix of the two.

2nd mix : my opinion only ;  the cello part  in   Samba style don ' t  work at  all ; and  some notes played are wrong with the chord  , i mean may be not wrong but not pretty

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