This little quote from Ian got stuck in my head.

"was forced to enter banjo competitions all over the UK in the 1970s by my banjo teacher..."

Banjo the "Classic style!" Amazing.

Banjo styles come and go. Actually, the Bluegrass style seems to have some staying power, but to be fair, the Classic style has been with us since...let's say the 1880's, and THANKS TO THE ENGLISH (and their associates) it never died.

So I raise my glass and salute the banjo-playing members of the Queen's realm.

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I'm for a pint! We don't have beer over here...
A shooter of Old Grand-Dad and I'm good...
I've seen this banjo before...will dig into the archive.
Couple of bottles of Bateman's Dark Lord (5%) here, Carl is you fancy one - sun's not over the yardarm at your side though!

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