The notes accompanying the midi on which this arrangement is based mentioned that G.H.Green was a xylophone player who also played banjo and was a founder member of the ABF. I could find no direct reference to him playing banjo in any of his biographies but in his discography, he is shown to have made a number of records with the Fred Van Eps Quartet. This tune was originally written for piano, xylophone and saxophone so arranging it for banjo was no easy task. I did obtain a piano score and used this as a starting point. The melody is carried by both the LH and RH with an occasional second voice on the RH, I managed to combine all three to arrive a reasonable approximation that can be played on the banjo. This is the fourth composition which uses Fluffy Ruffles as its theme. Stylistically it's a typical post ragtime/early 1920s dance tune, the score and midi are in the library...Steve.

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