How many of you woke up this morning thinking "gee, I wish I had a banjo arrangement of the hit song "I Want 'em Wild, Weak, Warm, and Willing"?"

Perhaps every holiday a family member is requesting "I'm Gonna Bring a Watermelon to My Girl To-night" only to be disappointed because you don't know how to play it?

I know I can't even practice without my neighbor knocking on my door and demanding that I play "Does the Spearmint Lose Its Flavour on the Bedpost Overnight?"

Well, after years of not searching I have discovered all of these and more in "Feldman's Banjo Album" arranged by Emile Grimshaw.

Be sure to get your copy for $0 today!

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LOL. I have the piano sheet for "Watermelon". As soon as I saw this post, I was singing it in my head...(I don't sing out loud, we have pets. Discerning ears, you know.)

Looks like somebody wanted to publish for the George Formby set. I would have liked to have seen "On The Wigan Boat Express" ;-)

Billy Jones and Ernest Hare, the "Happiness Boys"...

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