Edith Fielden, interesting inscribed cover for her banjo piece 'Bonita'

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Rainy afternoon...I'm keying this piece into Muscore 4.

It's Balmy (Britspeak: Barmy). It shifts from a 3/4 introduction to 2/4 A & B part, then a 6/8 C part in Cm. Back to the 2/4 A then the Trio's in 4/4 (and in F) then back to the A part again in 2/4 as the FINALE with a "zoom - thud" accelerando ending.

I can't recall a piece I've done with more time shifts. Tempo is all over the place as well. Andantino to Allegro to Scherzo to Andante Cantabile to Con Sprito. Also, there are triplets that start with a dotted pair, that's a first for me as well.

The computerized playback just staggers around...like it has had half-a cup too much Gin. This needs a sensitive, time-fluid, "tempo rubato" interpretation rather than a straightforward play-through. Sorry, my computer is too literal, it ain't got no rubato. No sir. Where's Mr. McKillop when we need him? ;-)

Here's the mp3 file...


Thank you for for untangling this forward looking and quite challenging piece for us. I did run through it but my poor old eyes had difficulty with the ledger lines and changes of tempo so I didn't make much sense of it. I can see how it might have been attributed to Cammeyer as he did sometimes feature flights of fancy in the harmony and tempo departments, 'We've gone right over their heads this time' as he once commented to Bernard Sheaff about the Cornish Dances. I have another one by a lady composer, Agnes Fisher, again a name which is sometimes claimed to be another Cammeyer pseudonym. I will send this one also to Ian for inclusion in the music library.

Trapdoor2 said:

Here's the mp3 file...

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