Just in case the one I have in mind falls through - and it might - does anyone here have one they could sell? A decent one, of course. 

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I have been playing with the thought of selling my Cammeyer Grade 2, the one in the video you commented on earlier today.

Tell me more: robmackillop at gmail

Ok. I'll send you an email.

Did you check eBay? There are 5 zither banjos that I would want to buy at the moment. If I would be in the market....

None of them attract me. They all need work.

Okay, I bought a Windsor Artiste No.4 - not the top of the range, but decent enough to get me playing one again while I keep an eye open for a Vibrante! Due to arrive Friday.

If anyone hears of a Vibrante for sale  - Royal or otherwise - do let me know. Thanks. 

There's a zither banjo currently at Carter Vintage: https://cartervintage.com/products/t-boston-zither-1890s 

Thanks, Andrew. That's not for me - I live in Scotland, and will only buy from the UK. But someone else might be interested. 

I should have considered that. Good luck with your search!

Hello Rob, Par Engstrand sent me an email today about your search for a Zither Banjo

I Have 2 Vibrante Royals and my Banjo Buddy, Dave Wade (RIP) might have had one ,

but his collection is currently in storage, whilst his widow decide what to do with them all.


Hi Keith. I’ve just sent you a friend request, so we can talk. Or you could perhaps email me. Rob

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