Hi, I have been looking at vintage banjos available in the UK, I have seen some at John Alvey Turner and some at Findajo, mainly clifford essex but also abbot, but I'm not sure how to chose and if the prices are sensible. Thought maybe someone here might know of a good one for sale privately?  The ones I was considering at johnalveyturner.co.uk were the clifford essex wood hoop £800 or one of the three Abbots, any views on these? Thanks

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I can’t tell you what to buy or what would be good for you, but I would take a second look at either of those Abbott “Weaver” looking banjos.

I would not mind having that wood hoop but I don’t see them as a main banjo for me, just another one for the library of tone options to suit my mood.

Thanks Joel, I have a fretless banjo for simple early 'minstrel' music and a metal strung one for so called 'old time' and I'm looking for a nylon strung fretted for 'classic' now. I'm also looking for a tenor for jazz rhythm comping but thats another story. 

I had heard that Abbots were well made, and yet less expensive than Clifford Essex, so I will think about those. 

Andrew Butler had two Clifford Essex banjos for sale on Facebook Marketplace recently - he is a member here (Andrew 'Blind Boy' Butler).   

Thanks Carrie.

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