I spoke with Drew Frech this evening (and last night too). He's trying to assemble a complete (or perhaps "more complete") set of Nassau-Kennedy tunes. He's practicing up two sets of 7 pieces for the October ABF Rally. 

Anyone have the title book? It contains a number of Nassau-Kennedy compositions that are supposedly better (harder?) than his usual 'tutor' stuff.

He also gave me a "want" list of tunes (including the Melodies Technique book) by Nassau-Kennedy (spelling by me, we did this over the phone):


Athenia Galop de Concert

Coon Band Contest (arr.) TBJ 667

Ethiopian Guard Patrol, Dallas 154

Four Little Curly Headed Coonlets E&C 112

Floraline Galop de Concert, TBJ 496

High School Cadets March (arr) E&C 94

Liberty Bell March (arr) E&C 100

New York Belles E&C 151

Royal Parade

Rosie Boo

Southern Pride (arr?)

Queen's Herald Concert Galop

Washington Post March (arr)

Wheat Sheaf Barn Dance

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