I might have asked for this before but I am asking again.  Does anyone have a copy of any or all of these that they would be willing to scan or mail to me for scanning and return at my cost (I can provide a shipping label)?

George Coes was the Gatcomb Gazette's local curmudgeon until he got paralyzed and died in the late 90s. He could always be counted on to complain about the kids and their banjo tone (shakes fist).

So if someone has this hiding in their stacks I'd love to have a copy to play through.

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Wasn't there a Gatcomb family member here (or on BHO) who had a bunch of stuff?

The LOC has several individual sheets posted from Baur's "Modern Gems", I'm wondering if the whole thing isn't buried in there somewhere.

Where's Greg Adams when you need him? ;-)

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