At the risk of boring peoples, I had a couple of alarming conversations just before the holiday - two good friends had 22nd April down in the diary for this year's Clowne Rally.

I am hoping that everybody else has a clear note of it being 6th May.

I've invested a whole English pound (£1.20 with VAT) in registering

I've just uploaded my standard leaflet so it's a bit "vanilla" at the moment - I'll get the Community Pieces set up as downloads shortly.


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Hi Dave,

I still don't think that they got those incorrect dates from on here as I posted the details from your flyer that you sent me in January!

I see that your OLD 2016 flyer (for last year's rallies) had the incorrect date on it, but it said TO BE CONFIRMED on the Clowne dates. Maybe some of those old flyers are out there?

Hi David, much as I would like to, I am sad to say I won't be able to make it again this year. Will there be videos taken of the events? I would love to see you old farts hammering away on your banjos.

Hal, you have to remembr that these events have to be self-financing or they die!

The venue for this gig cost £130 - do the maths and divide it by £5 and that tells you how many people we need through the gate! Me thinks it is more than turn up to events elswhere in the Western Hemisphere!

Quick Bulletin - I've got some content on including the Community numbers in a variety of formats. I will be doing the same for Backwell in September and for MBF in October.

Thank You David, it was a wonderful experience and a pleasure to meet you and the many players at the rally.  I had a great time.  I hope to be at the Blackwell rally in the fall.

Yes, thanks to Dave and the team for organising a very enjoyable banjo afternoon, nice to see many old faces such as Tony Sullivan, Keith Wilson, Phil and Sue Spiers et al again and meet a new one, Dan, who has recently moved with his wife, to Norfolk. A good afternoon all round and the beer was good too.

Thanks gents for the kind comments - after a lengthy debate at the post Rally pint in the Rose and Crown the standing sub-committee have agreed that next years date will be Saturday 12th June 2018, this is subject to confirmation from the Council.

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