Just finished unpacking the car from yesterday's Rally.

Well attended with faces old and new - Great to see and hear the legendary John Willis! Thanks to Mavis, Carolyn and Sue for working in the background. Reuben and Phil & Sue were probably came the long distance - south and north respectively. Claude and Luciene couldn't make it because of work commitments - but hopefully we will catch up with them at the Farm and Village Festival at Drouges over Bank Holiday Weekend.

Next Years Rally . 9th May tbc

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So, what did you all play? Don't say banjos...

Thank you David for a wonderful event. It was a great time as usual.  I am looking forward the the other rallies this year

Thanks Daniel, it's great to see you.

To answer Rob's question - the first couple of hours of a Rally are buying, selling, chating, admiring etc.

Then the informal concert starts around 2pm ...usually Keith and I start with something like Tired Tim and then Sunflower Dance which is in the Community Book so we invite everybody who wants to to join us (we have simplified versions, chord charts and bass parts).

Then anyone can play 2 or 3 numbers after about an hour or so we'll have another couple of Community Tunes, break for tea then another hour or so of performances with a couple of Community tunes to finish.

Pack up and go to the Pub

Wouldn't it be much more convenient to do it in Edinburgh? ;-)

Parking's crap!

Or in Germany, say, Wernigerode :-)

Would very much like to attend one of those Rallies, but it is a bit to travel....

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