I have slippage problems on some of the tuning machines on my CE Paragon. The reference details are: Page Patent E 1710802 (see photo). Does any CB Member know where I can have these repaired or where I might source a set of directly compatible replacements? Thanks. Frank

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I have 3 of these, presumably in good working order. I'd be willing to sell some or all at a bit less than the going rate, plus postage from the USA. A web search for "page tuners banjo" turned up this:


and this


these buttons have a color that matches yours but the first bunch appear to be for sale only as a set of four. The Bill's Banjo ones might be available in smaller quantities.

 The buttons on mine have darkened. They might be made to match with the application of the right chemical.   I have sent you a "friend" invitation via this (classic-banjo.ning.com) forum. If you accept we can discuss this directly 1 to 1. 

Every time I read "Page tuner" I see it as "page turner", the slang for an exciting mystery novel!

a very obscure form of dislexia, that combines mystery novels and banjo geekery.

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