Black feather (Two Step)..1908..Irene Mary Giblin (O'Brien)

This is a great rag from one of the best of the female ragtime composers. Originally in Eb, I've arranged it in C to better suit the banjo. Bars 15-16 and 63-64 (plus repeats) spanned 3 octaves so to get it all to fit, I changed the inversions of the chord arpeggios by 'doubling back' which give a pretty good approximation of the original score. I did some on line research on The black feather Club, St Louis, to which the tune was dedicated, and in a 1908 newspaper article, found reference to the BFC being an all women's' association.  On Pages 3-4 of the score  I've added a simplified arrangement. The score and midi are in the library...Steve 

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