"I was watching the Antiques Road Show on BBC1 on Sunday and in the background heard Joe Morley's Banjoland being played with piano accompaniment." Did anyone else see this programme or have any idea who may have been playing the banjo?  It was very appropriate to hear banjo music being played on this show, lets have plenty more!

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Was that a show from some years ago? I recall seeing an AR episode with classic banjo playing...and it was one of Bill Ball's recordings. That's all I remember though.

This was a recent programme, series 35, episode 14 from Cawdor Castle near Inverness, Scotland.  If I watch the programme again and listen to the banjo I will know if it is Bill playing or not. There was no mention in the credits at the end.

Hi Mike,

I think that you will find that "Banjoland" is being played by Billy Connolly and was used as the theme tune of his TV series "Billy Connolly's Music Tour of Scotland"

 Here is a link to the music:

Banjoland played by Billy Connolly


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